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She was 'PREGNANT': Yankees boss Cashman's 'stalker mistress threatened to tell world he got her to have abortion'

Accused stalker Louise Neathway sent Cashman scans of an unborn baby claiming it was his
She demanded he pay $15,000 for the abortion she says he made her have or she 'would tell the world'
In a trove of shocking emails, Neathway, 36, claims to work for British intelligence agency M16
Cashman's wife Mary filed for divorce after the alleged stalker claimed to have had an affair with the father-of-two
Neathway has been accused of harassing her ex-husband and a long-line of former lovers since her marriage ended

Yankees boss Brian Cashman's accused stalker threatened to tell the world he got her pregnant and forced her to have an abortion, a trail of shocking emails have revealed.

Louise Neathway, 36, who has been charged with stalking and harassing the 44-year-old general manager, even attached an ultrasound scan of their alleged unborn to one of the messages.

The trove of emails sent to Cashman and his lawyer by Neathway, who claims she had an affair with the father-of-two and allegedly blackmailed him for $6,000, were obtained by the New York Daily News.

'What Brian Cashman has done to me is both incomprehensible and unforgivable,' Neathway reportedly wrote in an email sent with the scan on January 29.

'I am going to the press and informaing [sic] them of the preganacy [sic] and the abortion. And everything else,' she writes typo littered message, reports the Daily News.

'So you can have a little gloat at my agony here is my ultra sound picture. . . I guess its ok for me to just push this aside right? Men!!!'

Neathway, in a separate email sent a day later, threatened to make Cashman’s life hell unless he paid for her 'abortion'. She also warned that any threats against her would backfire claiming she worked for British intelligence agency MI6.

'I will not tolerate threats by any means, of a criminal nature, as that will bite Brian in the backside and probably will be the biggest personal mistake of his life,” wrote the mother-of-one, reports the Daily News.

His wife Mary, 42, filed for divorce a day after Neathway faced her charges in court on Thursday claiming to have had an affair with the father-of-two.

Cashman is the latest in a line of men who claim Neathway has tormented them with death threats, phone hacking and lies about miscarriages and abortions, court records and former friends claim, according to the Post.

He emerged in public on Saturday for the first time since his wife submitted the divorce papers after the humiliating claims he had an affair with his accused 'crazed stalker'.

Scruffily dressed, he visited the family’s $3.7 million Darien mansion where his wife has been living apart in the wake of the allegations - but he spent less than a minute inside, reports the New York Post.

Mrs Cashman had said the marriage had 'broken down irretrievably'.

She is seeking permanent alimony, half of their property and joint custody of their two children, reports the New York Post.

Mrs Cashman, who endured the humiliation of an affair her husband had back in 2009, has been living apart from him in the family home with her daughter and son, sources told the Post.

British native Neathway, also known as Louise Meanwell, was arrested on Wednesday and is facing charges of grand larceny, stalking and harassment.

On Thursday prosecutors said Neathway harassed Cashman with hundreds of text messages, and demanded he give her $15,000 to pay for an unspecified medical procedure.

She allegedly threatened to contact the press and his family with claims that would hurt his personal relationships and professional standing, according to a court complaint.

Cashman made two payments, one for $4,000 and another for $2,000.

He even tried to get rid of his alleged mistress by urging her mother to have her committed, sources told the Daily News.

He contacted Caroline Meanwell last week and told her that her daughter was mentally unstable and 'needs help', the sources said.

The call led to a meeting between Meanwell, Cashman and his lawyer.

'He told the mother she needed help,' one of the sources told the Daily News. 'He suggested to her that she try to have her committed'

In a meeting on January 27, Cashman and Meanwell placed a conference call to Louise’s Manhattan psychiatrist, Charlotte Murphy, who agreed with Cashman, sources told the Post said.

'Murphy agreed that Louise was dangerous and violent, and that it was a serious situation. She said to call 911,' a source told the Post.

Meanwell made the call which eventually led to her daughter's arrest.

The Daily News also obtained a reference letter Cashman wrote for Neathway on Yankees letterhead.

In the letter dated July 15, 2011, Cashman said that he has known her for six years through charity work and describes her as 'tireless' contributor who has the 'respect and admiration' of her colleagues.

In court Neathway's lawyers said Mr Cashman was 'a married man having an inappropriate relationship' with Neathway, a medical sales worker, and he turned on her when it 'ended badly'

Neathway’s lawyers claim their client is the real victim of a romance that began in April and 'ended badly.'

She is also reported by the Post to have claimed to several friends that she had a year long affair with Cashman which she ended after he did not fulfill a promise to leave his wife.

Neathway has a criminal history of harassment and trespassing going back to 1988 and spanning three states.

She has allegedly been harassing her ex-husband Jason Bump, their daughter and a long line of boyfriends she’s had since her marriage broke up, reports the Post.

'She’s a very dangerous person. She’s a psychopath, in my estimation,' Mr Bump, told The Post.

'There’s currently an order of protection for myself, my daughter, my wife and my mother' against her.

'She has not seen our daughter in a few years, and she’s not allowed to contact her at all,' he said reports the Post.

Cashman is the latest in a line of men who claim Neathway has tormented them with death threats, phone hacking and lies about miscarriages and
abortions, court records and former friends claim, according to the Post.

In 2010 a former lover, who works on Wall Street, told the police that 'she has made many threatening statements aimed at me and has been e-mailing and phoning me constantly.

'She’s also begun waiting outside my apartment in the East Village,' court records said according to the Post.

'I am fearful for my safety and have no idea what this woman is capable of. As of this morning, she has hacked into my personal e-mail account and my Facebook account, deleting all my e-mails. I am VERY scared of her.' he ex-fling said.

neathway also has two open upstate warrants for harassment, and is on probation for stalking in New Jersey, reports the Daily News.

Mrs Cashman served her husband with divorce papers on January 31, the day before Neathway was arrested, reports the Post. The documents were filed in court on Friday.

She previously stood by her husband as he was romantically linked to a Westchester mother-of-two, Kim Brennan.

A spokesman for Brian Cashman declined a request from the Post to comment on the divorce filing.

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