Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Huge brawl at New York's

Huge brawl at New York's most exclusive $3,000-a-year sports club

'It was a nondiscriminatory ragematch': The fierce brawl that New York's most exclusive sports club doesn't want you to know about

Three arrested in massive dust-up at New York Athletic Club, including a brokerage firm director
Fight reportedly began over a girl
At least two people hospitalised for injuries during the brawl
Club charges $8,500 to join and $3,000 a year in membership

It's one of the most exclusive fitness clubs in the country, but it recently became the scene of a Roadhouse-style barroom brawl.

Fists allegedly flew among members, guests and workers at the posh New York Athletic Club in the early morning hours of April 13.

The New York Times reported that the fight resulted in multiple injuries that saw victims carted to nearby hospitals and three arrests.

But the blog Wall Street Jackass went into greater detail, providing a play-by-play of the ferocious rumble, which reportedly began like most bar fights - over a girl.

The witness wrote: ‘It was the best fight I've ever seen. Young people, old people, girls, members, non-members, it was a nondiscriminatory ragematch’.

The blog post also reported shouting, 'broken glass everywhere' and a bartender who 'fell like a bag of sand' when he tried to intervene.

The Times reported that when the dust cleared, Peter Doran, 28, and Matthew O’Grady, 31, were arrested and charged with third-degree assault and second-degree harassment.

Also arrested was brokerage director Colin Drowica, 30, who was charged with attempted menacing after he allegedly clutched a security guard's arm and threatened him, The Times reported.

Regardless of the details, the club is trying to keep the incident under wraps.

In a letter to members obtained by The Times, club president S. Colin Neill said: 'I cannot state forcefully enough how abhorrent this event it to me, personally, and how contrary it is to the standards of decorum that we expect of our members and their guests'.

The letter goes on: 'Appropriate action is being taken against all of those involved. Such conduct will not be tolerated at the New York Athletic Club'.

Neill also said that the distribution of photographs of the fight through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are in violation of the club’s constitution

The Times reported that the club charges $8,500 to join, and another $3,000 a year for membership.

NYAC was founded in 1868, and boasts 231 Olympic medals won by its members - 119 of them gold, according to the club's website.

Outside of the athletic areas, a strict dress code is enforced that outlaws jeans; sneakers; shorts; t-shirts and athletic wear.

Women are forbidden from wearing halter tops, leggings and clothing that reveals bare midriffs.

The club has a second location in Pelham Manor.

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