Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Woman refuses to tip for pizza so the delivery man urinates on her door on

Woman refuses to tip for pizza so the delivery man urinates on her door on Next time Chloe Teply orders a pizza maybe she'll budget a few extra dollars to tip the delivery driver. Teply learned the hard way delivery men don't like being stiffed when a Des Moines, Iowa, Pizza Hut employee urinated on her doorstep in retribution for the denied tip. 'It's just one of those things where unfortunately, I don't have the money,' Teply told KCRG. She forgot about it the delivery until a few hours later when she opened the door and saw a yellow puddle. 'I was like 'Hmmm who was at my door that might be upset with me' and it kind of hit me that it was the pizza delivery guy,' she said. Security cameras posted around the apartment complex confirmed it. In one view of Teply's front door, the delivery man can be seen to walk back down the stairway from her apartment then pausing, setting his bag down, and going back up to her door. After stopping with his back to the camera and legs spread, the anonymous delivery man can clearly be seen tucking his shirt back in and zipping up his pants as he goes to leave. Apartment manager Sheri Larson called the Pizza Hut to complain and the driver was then fired. But his job wasn't enough for Tiply. 'I mean is he going to come back and clean it up? I didn't expect him to, but maybe I should make a few phone calls and see what he's doing,' she said. She suspeted the driver was struggling financially but didn't think stiffing him on the tip should have earned her a puddle at her door. 'If you're going to be really upset about things like that then maybe you shouldn't be a pizza delivery driver at all,' she said. After the story broke on Des Moines television, the delivery man called her to apologize then returned to clean up the mess.

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