Friday, December 28, 2012


HAVE YOU SEEN THIS WOMAN? Another innocent victim murdered in the subway; Cops hunt woman who shoved man to his death A heavyset Hispanic woman — seen by five witnesses pacing and mumbling to herself — pushes a helpless man in front of an oncoming Flushing-bound No. 7 train in Queens. She was caught on tape while fleeing the crime scene: police
Police officers stand in the entrance to the 40th St. subway station on Queens Blvd., in Queens, New York, Thursday, Dec. 27, 2012, where a No. 7 subway train struck and killed a person who was pushed in front of it. Robert Mecea for New York Daily News Police officers stand at the entrance to the 40th St. subway station on Queens Blvd. where a No. 7 subway train struck and killed a person who was pushed in front of it. Related Stories A MAN WAITING for an approaching No. 7 train in Queens died a gruesome death Thursday night when a young woman darted up behind the helpless straphanger and pushed him onto the tracks, police said. The unidentified victim was crushed by the first and second cars of the Flushing-bound train about 8 p.m, as his murderer hustled down the stairs of the elevated station at the 40th St./Lowery St. stop in Sunnyside and fled in an unknown direction on Queens Blvd. The suspect, described by police as a heavyset Hispanic woman in her 20s, was still at large as of early Friday. The unfortunate man, who witnesses told police likely never saw his killer as she struck, was the second person this month to be slain by being pushed from a subway platform into the path of an oncoming train. STRAPHANGER KILLED AFTER BEING PUSHED IN FRONT OF MIDTOWN MANHATTAN TRAIN Subway_murder DCPI Cops are searching for a heavyset Hispanic woman in her 20s. She may have killed a man by shoving him in front of an oncoming No. 7 train in Queens. SUBWAY POLICE Robert Mecea for New York Daily News An auxiliary police officer directs a family away from the 40th St.-Lowery St. subway station in Sunnyside after a woman allegedly shoved a man onto the tracks to his death Thursday night. The 7 train horror, due to its apparent random nature, was eerily reminiscent of the 1999 death of 32-year-old journalist Kendra Webdale at the hands of a schizophrenic platform pusher, a notorious case that rattled the city and sparked a debate over treatment of the mentally disabled. Even before the suspect’s fatal action Thursday night, she exhibited signs that seemed to point to a troubled mind. The woman, who is about 5-feet-5 with brown or blond hair, was seen by at least five witnesses pacing on the platform and mumbling to herself, said NYPD spokesman Paul Browne. She eventually took a seat on a wooden bench about 20 yards from the victim, who stood on the platform’s edge and did not appear to have ever noticed her, Browne said. As the train pulled into the station, the woman quickly made her move. SUBWAY HOMICIDE CAUSES PARENTS TO RELIVE DEATH OF KENDRA WEBDALE IN 1999 SHOVE SUSPECT: 'HE ATTACKED ME FIRST.' “She was seated alone and then waited until the train came into the station and approached this individual from behind and pushed him in front of the train,” Browne told reporters at the station Thursday night. There was not enough time for other straphangers on the platform to save the doomed man, Browne said. His body was still underneath the train as of early Friday and police had yet to identify him because his injuries were so severe. There was no video surveillance of the suspect filmed at the station, but investigators were scouring locations on Queens Blvd. to see if her image was filmed. She wore a gray, blue and white ski jacket and gray and red Nike sneakers, witnesses told police. Investigators do not believe the victim knew his attacker. On Dec. 3, Ki-Suk Han, 58, of Elmhurst, Queens, was fatally crushed by a downtown Q train at the 49th St.-Seventh Ave. station after a drifter with a lengthy rap sheet tossed him onto the tracks following an argument. Cops collared Naeem Davis, 30, and charged him with second-degree murder in the deadly altercation. Davis claimed he had merely tried to push Han, a Korean immigrant and father, away after the altercation. Read more:

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