Thursday, May 15, 2014

LaserShip SUCKS

All this time i been using Amazon and they decide to send my latest package this Lasership "lasershit" they deliver a package at 9:30am heolo i work at 8am, just leave the package at the door like UPS , FD/X and USPS but no they send me an email, no note on the door, so i call them and say leave at door they say ok we will do that tomorrow, tomorrow comes and go i call them saying why wasnt my package delivered yet and they say the driver had a personal matter to take care of and your package will not be delivered until tomorrow. (( where is his back up driver?, where is the stupidviser?. and third day im still waiting for my package and its 7:30pm ET. Amazon give me instructions on how to code my account to not ship any packages to me via Lasershit

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