Friday, December 25, 2009

Sony Cyber-shot® Digital Camera T90

First time purchasing a Sony for me, i think it was the sale they had that made me get it since i usually buy the Olympus brand, anyway they take good pictures and video, the only problem i had is that it takes blur pictures if someone moves even a little, tried using the many settings including auto and beach mode and it still does a blur, i hear they have another model type of this brand coming soon so maybe it corrects that - but if everyone one is still and not moving around in a drunken state :) it takes very good pictures especially at night and on the beach. The battery life seems to last a lot longer than the 110 minutes or whatever it is listed, this is my first time using a "touch" screen which is easier to use than i thought it would be and i've had it for 3 months now and no scratches on the screen and touch features are still working, good camera i recommend it dispute that blur quirk i talked about and ladies one of the colors they have it in is pink I ordered mines online at Sonys website which offered free engraving on that camera which was cool. thats my post on it hope its helpfull info

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